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I’m re-reading Unf*ck Your Habitat and wanted to keep some notes in a place I’d be able to find them later. I decided my website was that place. So here we go!

UfYH author Rachel Hoffman points out that small habit changes will be more effective at keeping your home pleasant than a big life overhaul. Here are some of the habits she mentions:

  1. Do a little bit every day.
  2. Use your leisure time wisely.
  3. Use your waiting time efficiently.
  4. Put it away, not down.
  5. Make your bed.
  6. Keep your flat surfaces clear.
  7. Unf*ck tomorrow morning.
  8. Trash goes in the trash can.
  9. Do the dishes every day.
  10. Wash, dry, and put it away, gddmit.
  11. Deal with your invisible corners.

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