It’s been almost two years since I defended my doctoral dissertation. Before it was written, an editor had expressed interest in it. After it was written, I was very tired. I just couldn’t touch it. But we are in a critical moment for information literacy, and I think my research has some good contributions to make, so I’m going to start writing a book proposal.

For this project, I will be opening up my process and my reflections but not the content of the book proposal (and, if I get a contract, the book) itself. I’m starting by reading (like I always so). I’m going to read about how to turn a dissertation into a book and I’m also going to get myself up to speed on the FanLIS literature.

Won’t you join me?

A book cover reading "Where'd You get Those Nightcrawler Hands? The Information Literacy Practices of Cosplayers." The author is Kimberly Hirsh. The cover includes a photograph of a cosplayer dressed as She-Hulk flexing her biceps.