Fan Studies in LIS

This is a list of scholars and readings related to fan studies in librarianship and information science. I’m hoping to spin it out into a bigger project as time goes on, but I wanted to go ahead and get a page up. If you know of something I’ve missed, please get in touch.

Scholars at the intersection of Fan Studies and LIS

Dr. Abigail DeKosnik, Director of the Berkeley Center for New Media | Twitter

Brianna Dym, PhD Student, University of Colorado Boulder | Twitter

Larry Eames, Instructional Librarian at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs | Website | Twitter

Dr. Casey Fiesler, Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder | Website | Twitter

Kimberly Hirsh, PhD Candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science | Website | Twitter | Tumblr

J. Nicole Miller, PhD Student at the University of Maryland College of Information Studies | Website | Twitter

Chantale Pard, PhD Student at Western University | University Profile

Dr. Ludi Price, China Librarian at SOAS University of London Library, PhD in fan information behaviour & Honorary Visiting Fellow Department of Library & Information Science at City, University of London | Website | Twitter

Amy E. Spitz, Librarian | Website| Twitter

Dr. Amanda Waugh,  Teacher-Librarian| Website | Twitter

Readings at the intersection of Fan Studies and LIS

De Kosnik, A. (2016). Rogue Archives: Digital Cultural Memory and Media Fandom. MIT Press.

Fiesler, C. She’s written a ton.

Price, L. (2017). Serious Leisure In The Digital World: Exploring The Information Behaviour Of Fan Communities (Doctoral Dissertation, City, University of London).

Price, L. (2019). Fandom, Folksonomies and Creativity: the case of the Archive of Our Own. Proceedings from The Human Position in an Artificial World: Creativity, Ethics and AI in Knowledge Organization. London, UK: ISKO.

Price, L., & Robinson, L. (2017). “Being in a knowledge space”: Information behaviour of cult media fan communities. Journal of Information Science and Engineering, 43(5), 649–664.

Waugh, A. (2017). Teen nerdfighters: An exploration of engagement in a complex fan community. Proceedings of the Association for Information Science & Technology, 54(1), 821–823.

Waugh, A. (2018). A Nice Place on the Internet: An Exploratory Case Study of Teen Information Practices in an Online Fan Community (Doctoral Dissertation, University of Maryland).

Waugh, A. (2019). Feels Like Home: The Digital Information Practices of Teen Fans. Journal of Research on Libraries & Young Adults, 10(2).


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