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Notion Templates

I create Notion templates to handle the organizational aspects of academic work so that scholars can focus on creation. When you purchase one of my templates, you have access to updated versions of that template for life.

Conceptual Synthesis Spreadsheet Notion Template - $8

This template helps you track the scholarly literature you want to read and have read. It is based on Raul Pacheco-Vega’s Conceptual Synthesis Excel Dump concept. You’ll get a blank conceptual synthesis template with spreadsheet and two board views (Reading Status and Memo Status), a Reading template to help you take notes, and an example spreadsheet with some readings entered.

Scholarly Writing Pipeline Notion Template - $5

This is a template for creating a scholarly writing pipeline and project audit. It is based on worksheets, podcasts, and blog posts by Dr. Katie Linder and Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega. You’ll get a Notion template with two views: a board view for tracking writing projects as they move through your project pipeline and a spreadsheet view for conducting an audit of all of your writing projects.

Permissions Tracker Template - $3

This is a template for tracking permissions to reuse copyrighted work in a scholarly publication such as a thesis, dissertation, or journal article. You’ll get a Notion template with columns for tracking details about copyrighted material you need to reuse and a filled in example of how to use the template.

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