I am trained as a qualitative researcher, web editor, librarian, and educator. I have a variety of experience. Curious about my work? Please peruse the links below.

  • Curriculum Vitae - in case you were wondering about everything I’ve ever done in my educational and professional life including presentations and publications.
  • Experience - in which I describe all the different kinds of things I’ve done that might be classified as work, whether it was paid or unpaid.
  • Research - an accounting of my research skills, my writing about research, and my research projects both in progress and completed.
  • Writing - this focuses on my writing as a researcher, professional, and student.
  • Speaking - I have given over 30 presentations. You can find a list of the organizations I’ve presented for and find a few videos of remotely-delivered presentations here.
Kimberly Hirsh, PhD @kimberlyhirsh