Script Frenzy Has Begun!

Script Frenzy is in full swing. Can I knock out 667 words before midnight tonight? I think I can. That’s something like three and a half pages. I’m “pants”ing it, as writers say, meaning I have a concept but no outline. I’ve got a beginning and an end, and the middle will be the exciting part. I apologize if, for the next month, it seems as though I should change this journal’s name to scriptitans (which is a real Latin word meaning “writing eagerly and often”). I think we’ll be okay though. I can’t tell you what I’m writing except to say it’s a play. Other than that, it’s a secret. Sshhhh! (If you really care to know about it, you can e-mail me, and I’ll decide whether to let you into my elite cadre of people who know. Right now I think that cadre includes Little Willow and no one else.)

I shall not be neglecting my readerly duties. Work is (at last) winding down. Unemployment during the summer months is a sad thing, but if you budget for it, it can be awesome.

Things to Come:
A Thinking Blogger Award post (Thanks, Kelly!)
Reviews of the books on my Read in 2007 list
Commentary on other kidlit stuff, depending on what I find in my inbox and publications
My 48 Hour Book Challenge Posts

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  1. I need to do something else right now, so I am not allowing myself to visit the Script Frenzy site this very moment, opting instead to ask you to remind me to write something tonight, and to tell me about your play because OF COURSE I want to know!

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