Borders had both a 20% and a 40% off coupon for its rewards members that could be used together, and I got a couple of shiny-shiny grades back this week, so I bought Martin Millar’s “Lonely Werewolf Girl” and Gregory Maguire’s “A Lion Among Men” to celebrate. Aaaaaaahhhh… books!

Just finished Love Sucks and was very much pleased with it.

Two random things: Did you need/want to borrow “American Born Chinese” from me? And do you Will’s copy of Good Omens? (I am going to bring his books the next time we go exercising, so the last question isn’t really important unless you need it nownownow.) Also, (ok, three random (but related) things) I feel like you posted your reading list for this class, and there was another book that I also have. Can’t remember though.