I also like both. Oddly, I love sci-fi, fantasy, and horror shorts, while I have a hard time warming up to longer novels in the genres. Maybe because plot and idea usually take precedence over character development in short stories, so my usual pet peeves aren’t as pronounced?

Only sort of related — I found a beat up “Fantasy Annual IV” (edited by Terry Carr? It’s not a series i’ve heard of) at the thrift store that had the original short story version of “The Brave Little Toaster” by Thomas M. Disch. Knowing only the made for TV cartoon, I didn’t expect much, but Wow. It’s one worth checking out, especially if you like fairy tale conventions.

(Have not read any Eudora Welty. Maybe should check it out? I man a lonely “Doesn’t like Flannery O’Connor” table in most short story discussions.)