I won’t be posting directly to my Facebook timeline anymore. In keeping with my move to embrace the IndieWeb, any posts I make to Facebook will be syndicated there from my own website, kimberlyhirsh.com. Each Facebook post will include a link to the original post on my website. Through the magic of the IndieWeb, my original post will receive likes and comments that my friends post on the syndicated copy.

At my own website, I’m replicating most of Facebook’s features. I can post status updates, long posts, photos, and videos. I can share links. I can RSVP to Facebook events. I can create my own events and make copies of them on Facebook, and have Facebook RSVPs show up on the event post at my site. I use WordPress and I found a plugin that replicates Facebook’s On This Day feature. I can manually mark myself safe in an emergency and create a Year in Review post.

To make things super interactive, I’ve also created an old school Guestbook and a page where you can ask me anything. These two features aren’t entirely in keeping with the IndieWeb philosophy, which would have you create a post or page on your own site and then let me know about it. But as I don’t expect most of the people who want to communicate with me will be IndieWeb-ready, I’m trying to make it as easy as possible for you to get in touch with me still.

The one Facebook feature I’m not attempting to replace with my own site is Groups. My current plan is to check in each Friday to participate in my groups. That will also be when I check on my event invitations. I also can’t reply via Facebook comments directly from my site. If you want a prompt response or extended conversation, I recommend clicking through and commenting directly on my site. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until my next Facebook log in.

None of this is way out of left field. I’ve had websites since 1996, and personally-owned websites since 2001. In many ways, I’m just going back to using the web like I did in 2002.